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This is what just a handful of clients has to say:

"I still can't stop talking about my inner soles, they are just the best and it has made such a difference to my back, legs, feet and hips! It is truly amazing. I believe that EVERY golfer/sportsman can benefit from these orthotics!"

- Jacques Reteif, Acushnet Golf (Titleist® and FootJoy®), Cambridgeshire

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"For about ten years, I had been finding my mobility more & more restricted. At first, this was due to severe pain in my feet, treated by physiotherapy with limited success.
Then, my legs, particularly my thigh muscles, became more & more painful, and eventually I had marked tendonitis, particularly in my left groin.

"I tried various insoles with little success. About 18 months ago, I was hobbling about with a stick, every step being actually painful. I was seriously considering buying an electric scooter, when having heard of you and your new orthoses, I asked if you could help me.

"I was greatly impressed by your thourough assessment of my problems, and the accuracy of your equipment. I now have 3 pairs of orthoses, am pain free and no longer need a stick. In fact, I now have my life back in what seems almost like a miracle. I am so indebted to you for all your help."

- Dr E M Stanley-White, MBChB


"I'm delighted to tell you that, thanks to your ministrations, the plantar fasciitis has gone - hallelujah!"

- Linda Begley, Barrhead


"Since wearing my orthoses I have been completely free of pain, more stable on my feet and I am able to walk more quickly. "

- Dorothy Armstrong, Upper Largo

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