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Amfit Inc.

Amfit is the world leader in custom insoles and foot orthotic equipment and has a wide array of patented technologies.

insole PRO® provides solutions to suit your present and future requirements. We supply and install equipment and provide training (CPD), a full support & maintenance package and a central fabrication service where required. For Primary Care Trusts and educational establishments we offer flexible leasing and discounted supplies. Please contact us for details.

• The FootFax foot contour measurement system

Design custom Orthotics to fit perfectly…
with ease, accuracy, and speed.

Perfect-fitting foot orthotics. Amfit’s Digitizer measures the entire plantar surface of the foot giving you precise data to make the best foot orthotics. No more plaster!

Amfit’s milling options lets you make orthotics in your facility or use the central fabrication services of insole PRO® in the United Kingdom, which boasts fast turnaround and excellent pricing. Either way, you have complete control. insole PRO® makes no modifications to the design file so you get exactly what you have specified.

The Digitizer is a powerful tool. You can expand your business and increase your profits — without huge overhead costs. It gives you the flexibility and portability to meet all the needs of both professionals and patients. Leasing of equipment is available from insole PRO® for Primary Care Trusts and educational establishments.

The Amfit Footfax is the only system which is approved by the Canadian Medical Association and is supplied to the US military.

Your purchase includes on-site installation and training, as well as a two-year limited warranty.

Amfit Inc.

• Amfit Impress Scanner - The perfect tool for all busy orthotics labs

Amfit Impress Scanner

The Impress Scanner scans foam impressions, plaster positives and slipper casts using laser technology, and produces 3-D Amfit foot data files in under a minute.

Fast Results. Using Amfit’s Correct and Confirm software you have near limitless design possibilities for perfect-fitting orthotics. Once the design is complete you can transfer the digital file to the insole PRO® Central Fabrication department and receive your orthotics back as quickly as two business days, or to your Amfit CAD/CAM Mill for immediate in-lab fabrication.

Foam impression box

It Stands on its Own. Use the Impress Scanner with your existing Amfit equipment, or on its own. Either way, you have the tool that will revolutionize your orthotic process. With the Impress Scanner you are able to provide the best results for your patient, and your bottom line.

Amfit Inc.

• Correct & Confirm Software

Amfit CAD/CAM software

Easy-to-use “Correct & Confirm” software. The system is simple to operate. Amfit’s Windows-based software gives you unprecedented flexibility to customize the digitized foot contour with precise, fast, and repeatable results.

Amfit Inc.

• CAD/CAM Insole Fabrication System

Amfit CAD/CAM system

Design and fabricate custom Orthotic with your own in-lab fabrication system.

Perfect-fitting foot orthotics.

Be in complete control of your patients’ orthotics (both accomodative and functional) from fitting to fabrication. The Amfit Insole Fabrication System consists of the Footfax Digitizer and CAD/CAM mill—this one system can fabricate orthotics for most every condition.

With Amfit’s Insole Fabrication System, you can expand your practice with the flexibility to serve both professionals and patients.

Your purchase includes on-site set up, training, and a two-year warranty. Call us today to find out more.

Amfit Inc.

• Central Fabrication Service




Profitable custom orthotics using the insole PRO® central fabrication facility.

Custom orthotics, fast turnaround. Amfit’s Digitizer or Impress Scanner gives you the power to easily provide your patients with precise-fitting orthotics. We provide next business-day turnaround in most cases. We can also scan from your foam impression boxes, plaster positives or slipper casts.

You design the specs. We precisely mill the orthotics specifications that you create. When you
are ready to reorder insoles, insole PRO® can consistently replicate your specs — exactly as you designed them.

Rigorous quality control: Our highly trained technicians take pride in complete customer satisfaction. We want your patients to be completely satisfied with the comfort of their orthotics. It’s our job to make sure this happens.

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