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insole PRO® supplies CAD/CAM foot orthosis fabrication systems from the world leader:

Amfit Inc.

We provide installation, training (CPD) and supplies as well as central fabrication services if required.

Equipment leasing available for PCTs and educational establishments. Contact us for more information.

The Amfit Footfax is the only system which is approved by the Canadian Medical Association and is supplied to the US military.

Tameside & Glossop PCT Podiatrists with Sara Boardman (second from right)

Tameside & Glossop PCT receives its Amfit Complete Orthotics Fabrication System (4th March, 2008)

Clinical papers and articles relating to Amfit:

The following publications are available as Acrobat (PDF) documents:

Practice Development: The economic case for CAD/CAM custom foot orthoses
Sara Boardman DPodM MChS, Principal Podiatrist, insole PRO® (410 KB)

Triplanar Intrinsic Posting of the Cuboid Triangle and Digital Imaging: A New Approach To Managing Lower Kinetic Chain Dysfunction
Kevin Miller B.S., C.Ped (4,413 KB)

Outcomes Measurement: Plantar Fasciitis and Custom Foot Orthoses
Charl Greene, C.Ped. and Anita Liberman, M.A
University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center (24 KB)

"Amfit: Unique Perspective in Developing Foot Orthotics" Profiles in Excellence Series, Podiatry Management, January 1996
Douglas Stewart, Ph.D.
Dr. Stewart's observations on the advantages of Amfit technology (43 KB)

Orthokinetic Review
Kenneth W. Marich, MS, MBA (35 KB)

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