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Welcome to insole PRO® - The Insole Professionals™. We specialise in the design and fitting of prescription foot orthoses and custom comfort insoles. These are manufactured in-house using CAD/CAM technologies, and are designed to provide solutions to foot-related Comfort, Performance, Medical and Biomechanical issues for thousands of satisfied clients.

We also provide AMFIT consultancy, training and support for the NHS, Higher Education and private podiatry practices. An insole PRO® private practice package, includung equipment lease and central fabrication service is available to suitable professionals.

insole PRO® supporting NHS Stockport Foundation Trust

Sara Boardman of insole PRO® (second from the right) in St Petersburg, Russia

Zdravookhraneniye, Moscow

CAD/CAM software

Announcing the long awaited combination of Tekscan Pressure Mapping with Amfit 3-D Correct & Confirm in one powerful platform. This provides the ability to overlay pressure mapping with the Amfit topographic display.

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